Valentine Letendre & Jean-Claude Pieri

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SHAMAN, intercultural project of hemispherical interactive and nomadic cinema, work to a planetary thinking, building bridges between East and West, documentary and poetic, technology and spirituality, science and traditional knowledge, beyond all aesthetic and all intellectualism towards a sensitive and expanded conscience of the world.

Total hemispherical image, using a filming device light and mobile to 360░, SHAMAN travels around the world and captures living spaces of nature, scenes of daily life, ceremonies ... in the whole of their present.

The combination of these multiple spaces acts as a mandala of the XXI century, offering viewers to feel the splendor of the world in his native harmony, in a state of presence open, peaceful and alive.

Rhythms of drums, ceremonial music, lyrics indigenous invite the viewer to experience an initiatic path, a poetic event, a meditation ...

The staging allows him to interact with the device in order to propose a course of viewing different for each reading and give the work its shamanic power.

SHAMAN is an evolutionary project that proposes to build bridges between the present, past and future...
Present, because it speaks of our time, a transitional period which questions its own future, past, due to its subject itself, its material: the weaving of sounds, words, hemispheric video coming from ancient traditions,Past, due to its subject itself, its material: the weaving of sounds, words, hemispheric video coming from ancient traditions, future, because it anticipates technological progress and the future possibilities of real-time communication via mobile networks.

We are at the beginning of the era of the instantaneous communication across the planet; here we propose to develop a precursory tool for perceptions fed by traditions that have come to us through the mists of time.


This project is supported by the DRAC, the Languedoc-Roussillon region and the city of Mende.







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